The MapView

On the map view you can display thermals and airfield, or just your last or current flight. 

To be able to display an airfield you have to download one on the AirFields tab. Once downloaded click on the green arrow and enable the airfield button. The different airfield classes are displayed as selected in the Settings Tab. Remember, not all downloadable openair files does provide accurate data. If the class or additional information is not provided in the datafile, it cannot be filtered or displayed


To enable the Thermals click on the green arrow and enable Thermals. It can take a while for loading all the data.
Thermals are provided in two different qualities. You can filter witch quality shall be displayed. You can display all Qualities by clicking on the 
already active (green) quality button.
Note: There is currently a limit of 200 Thermals that are displayed for performance reasons. Just zoom in and reduce the zoom level to see all Thermals.
By clicking on a thermal additional information is displayed. So you see at witch hight the thermal was found, and how much the pilot was able to climb. Also his avg. climbrate is visible .
You have the ability to filter the thermals by wind direction and by date. Filtering by Date means, that only the thermals recorded in the current month are displayed. So if you fly in april and enable the filter by date option, all thermals recorded in april are shown.