Start Tracking

Switching the Tracker Switch to on, starts the tracker. Your GPS Position is transmittet to leonardo every 4 Second. The amount of data is very small, but we recommend you check your data plan.
The Bubble indicates if the tracker is currently running or not. Note: only by providing a valid username and password from you can start the tracker. The flight will now be recorded and your position is sent to livetrack24 viewable for everyone.
When stopping livetracking the following screen appears.
You can select your end status message according to livetrack24. Alls the supported features from livetrack24 will then be executed, like sending sms alarms to your defined users.


The GPS Bubble indicates the quality of your gps signal. If you start the tracker and the signal is to weak, you may see an altitude of 0. If you later watch your flight again the altitude of the start point remains 0. So we recommend to wait until the altitude is displayed