ThermGeek for iOS (iPhone)



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Warning be careful with AGL/GND/ASFC:

A warning word to the distance calculation. In version 2 and above, thermgeek tries to find out if you are underneath or above an airfield. If you downloaded a file with absolute altitude values this works perfectly. But what about values like 500ft AGL. You are allowed to fly but not above 500ft above ground level.  And what's the elevation of the ground? Airplanes will ask the tower for the current air pressure at ground, but thermgeek can't. In version 2 thermgeek asks google for the elevation of the ground at a point inside the airfield. But this is probably wrong. see the picture below

As mentioned above, this is only a problem for AGL/GND/ASFC values. Thermgeek always shows you the lower and upper boundaries of the airfield. If you see AGL/GND/ASFC keep in mind that the calculated value can only be correct when the ground is perfectly flat.